Reflection on the Blog

Image.pngSo, the most effective tool when doing this blog was promoting my posts via twitter. It’s an easy way to get people to see your blog, for those people to share it with their friends. Then of course the worst tool was creative commons. Not so much creative commons as a site but the restriction of having to use only creative commons, or original images. But the only other thing I can say about that is thank god for Photoshop or else my pictures would have been utter shit.

As for what I would want to improve with the blog would probably be just the fact that I’d want to be become popular, then I’d like to get a couple of friends together and do a weekly podcast on this type of stuff. This experience could be used as an example of a resume for digital job at Rooster Teeth or Funhaus. There I would be doing a lot of photoshops and video editing so these skills would come in handy there.

My most popular month was March coming in at around 26 views. And it was all due to 2 posts in particular. It was the 2 posts about Ben Affleck and the upcoming solo Batman film. These two, which did equally “well”, were the most popular because at the time there was a lot of clickbait going on about that story, so I’m not saying I used Ben Affleck being sad to my advantage…but I definitely did that.

The only surprising thing to me was the number of countries I got views from. I didn’t get many but I did get one view from Germany, India, Spain and the Netherlands. Other than that none of my stats were at all surprising.


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