Logan Is the Send Off Hugh Jackman Deserves

Image Courtesy of Vimeo

Logan is by far the best X-Men movie to hit the screen since First Class. It gives a new layer of nuance to a character we’ve been watching for nearly twenty years. And that is all thanks to the performance of not only Hugh Jackman but also Sir Patrick Stewart and Dafne Keen. Which by the way, that girl is twelve years old was able to rival Jackman’s intensity and Stewart’s compassion. Did I mention she was twelve? Oh I did. Hugh Jackman has been playing Wolverine for seventeen years and is still able to turn in a performance that was able to add more layers to his character even after all of this time.

Logan is like we’ve never seen him before, at the end of his rope. And is the longest and shittiest rope you have ever seen. He’s not only emotionally and mentally breaking down but his body is finally catching up to the brutality it’s endured over the years. He’s slow, can’t quite heal as quick as he used to and the clean “Snikt” of those claws is reduced to a slow painful screech every time he pops them. And oh boy does he pop those claws.

The action and violence are so gruesome and realistic it makes Deadpool look like an episode of Tom and Jerry. I almost liken it to Mad Max: Fury Road from 2015 in that it’s a gruff loner being forced into basically a two-hour chase scene in an attempt to help someone he doesn’t really want to. Actually that’s exactly what it is.

To sum up my thoughts, this film is incredible. It’s filled with hair-raising action and tear swelling moments of these extraordinary characters displaying incredibly raw human emotions in ways that we’ve not seen before. For me, apparently a lot of other people, this film is on par with The Dark Knight. And as a huge Batman fan boy that is not a compliment I give lightly. So what happens to Wolverine now?

Well as everyone knows or should know, this is Hubert Jackman’s last outing as the gruff Canadian mutant. He’s hanging up the claws for what he says is good but honestly who knows? Maybe he just needs a break for a few years. He’s bloody well-earned it, he’s had to keep in this ridiculous shape with rigorous training and dieting not to mention simultaneously battling skin cancer.

So Fox will probably rest the character for a few years and eventually recast. And I know break ups are hard but all the big ones have gone through it. Maybe we’ll get blessed and they’ll land Tom Hardy in the MCU as Logan. I would honestly donate one of my kidneys to see that.


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