The Batman Gets A Director and WB Announces A Nightwing Movie


Captured From Batman: Arkham Knight. Property of WB Games


It feels so good to be DC fan boy right about now. Finally a good dose of news to keep this franchise alive and fans excited instead of scared and miserable. Wonder Woman is only a few months away and spirits are high. And why might spirits be higher than Cheech and Chong hot boxing a 747? Because The Batman finally nailed down a director with the man himself Ben Affleck still set to star. Just as abruptly as it appeared the cloud of doom hanging over this movie has dissipated into a bright ray of sunshine. And the cherry on top of this really weird sunshine cake is the fact that Dick Grayson a.k.a. Nightwing will now be getting his own solo movie directed by Lego Batman Movie Director Chris Mckay!

I haven’t been this excited for the future of the DCEU since I saw the first trailer for Justice League. And here’s why. It shows that DC is taking the initiative and planning for the future in a very smart way. Batman is a legacy character. Which means that while Bruce Wayne is the first original batman, many characters have worn the mantle over the years. Same goes for The Flash, Green Lantern and even Superman. But when it come to Batman the most famous replacement is Dick Grayson.

Dick Grayson made his debut in April 1940. He was the first and generally most well-known Robin. He’s the one that fought alongside Batman in the 1960’s campy TV series, the 70’s on Super Friends and the 1990’s in Batman The Animated Series all while sporting those ridiculous green trunks and pixie boots. But in the comics he was taking a much more mature turn. Dick Grayson to me has always been a direct line to the fans. The main reason he was created was to give someone for Batman to talk to while he was on missions. And also to get kids to think that they could be Robin adventures and go on adventures with the Caped Crusader. It worked by the way, the month Robin was introduced sales doubled. But the darnest of things happened to those early readers of comics. They grew up and didn’t feel as invested in Robin as they once did. So DC made Robin grow up and sent him off to college.

Pretty soon after that Dick Grayson broke out on his own as Nightwing. Basically imagine Batman but like weirdly smug and fun. Because reader, I’ll let you in on a little secret. Batman is kind of an dick to people. Here’s an example, in case you don’t believe me. Batman is a founding member of the Justice League, a team of heroes that he considers some of his closest friends and allies. Yeah he has contingency plans to kill all of them and just didn’t bother to tell them. So yeah, Batman is a dick.

But speaking of dicks, Dick Grayson. He’s Batman with a sense of humor and has some of the best stories in comics. He’s the leader of the Teen Titans, has filled in for Batman on many occasions and is quite the ladies man. So who should play this acrobatic pretty boy? Well all signs point to Armie Hammer and quite frankly I would totally be on board with that. He’s got the look, the build and the chops. Not to mention he was cast as Batman in a cancelled Justice League movie back in 2009.


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