Is the End Nigh for Ben Affleck or the DCEU as a Whole?

Okay, I know my last post was also about this train wreck but this one is a bit more serious. A director can be replaced, but the face of a franchise, which Ben Affleck is the new face of the DC movie franchise.  John Campea of Collider Movie Talk claims that Ben Affleck “make no mistake, he does want out…He doesn’t want to be Batman anymore.” So, this is a few things…for one it’s an incredibly wild accusation, two: makes some amount of sense and three: a fun excuse to do some

Image Courtesy of Flickr

theorizing and fan casting. And that’s mostly what this will be. Me attempting to give some semi viable options and alternatives to this giant calamity of a franchise.

Just to be clear, in my personal opinion I don’t buy this story of Affleck leaving. I’m just using it as an excuse to stretch my fan casting and hypothetical legs.

First up. Replacing Ben Affleck is possible but not going to be well received. Especially since we’ve barely seen any of him. Since the direction of his portrayal  is a man who has been dressing up like a giant bat and punching people in the face like a damn lunatic for the past twenty years he’s getting close to retirement. But that’s the problem with it! Yes, I loved his take and everything about it but if you’re starting a brand new continuity that is a terrible idea. Ben Affleck is currently 44 years old, he doesn’t have that many years left to punch on with the likes of Henry Cavill and Gal Gadot. This is a problem Marvel is also facing with their golden boy, Robert Downey Jr. But if you’re going to do it I have some ideas.

Shift the focus to a younger character, specifically Nightwing. If you don’t know who that is I’ll explain. Nightwing is the first Robin, Dick Grayson, who got tired of living in Batman’s shadow and set out on his own. Long story short is he’s like Batman in terms of abilities and training but way more fun and not a dick. In terms of casting there have actually been a lot of rumors and the one I like the most is Armie Hammer, who was actually set to be Batman way back in 2009. He’s 30 years old and clearly has the look of a chiseled white guy who could put on a domino mask or a cowl. Eventually Dick graduates from Nightwing to the mantle of the Bat itself. That’s what I would focus on is a passing of the torch from a father figure to a surrogate son.

Now for my second and much more extreme suggestion. Reboot the entire universe. But you don’t have to scrap everything. DC Comics has this really sort of fun habit of making reboots part of their continuity. The best example is 2011’s Flashpoint event where the Flash travels back in time, altering the world and returning to a brand new timeline. This would actually be perfect considering the Flash is currently getting a page one re-write. And no, a page one re-write is not where they just re-write the first page. The story ends with the Flash handing a letter written by Bruce Wayne’s now dead father from the alternate timeline where he lived and Bruce died. That right there would be the perfect point to just let Ben Affleck walk and drop in a new fresh faced guy in the role of Bruce Wayne.

Or, maybe DC should just focus on other characters for awhile. I think it should be Superman or Wonder Woman’s turn to be the king or queen of DC’s movies. Or, and I really hope this doesn’t happen because I really do love these characters, maybe just drop it for a few years and let the franchise rest. But on the other hand I am so tired of watching Warner Brothers pump out such disappointing movies so if that means we have to wait a few years to make sure the new batch doesn’t make me want to claw both my eyes and ears off then I’m all for it.


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